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Restortation of the graves of Gen. Brygady Jan Tomasz Gorzechowski "JUR" and an Un-named Polish Soldier


June 2017: Following 2.5 years of hard work, Polish Heritage Society UK completed one of the longest and most demanding restroration projects at Brookwood, Surrey.  Graves of Gen Brygady Jan Tomasz Gorzechowski "JUR", and also the grave of an Un-named Polish Soldier - now identified as Wachmistrz Wladyslaw Kopytnicki, of II Korpus.

While renovation work was being carried out on a grave in Brookwood Cemetery at the request of the Polish Ministry of Defence in Warsaw and The Embassy od Republic of Poland in London, a member of the committee of The Polish Heritage Society UK, an English Charity “with a Polish heart”, came across the grave of an un-named Polish soldier.

The committee unanimously decided that this matter had to be dealt with immediately. Here was a Polish Soldier who had fought in the Polish Army in WWII under British Command, died and lay buried on foreign soil without a name or proper grave. The cemetery records were made available to us and we were able to find the details of this burial.

It gives us great pleasure to be able to give Władysław Kopytnicki (1901-1963) the grave he has deserved for nearly 60 years. A memorial mass and blessing of the grave was held on Wednesday 7th June 2017 and the celebrant was Rev Father Canon Dr Wladyslaw Wyszowadzki, the Vice Rector of the Polish Catholic Mission to England and Wales. As our main memorial project this year, this grave has been funded by The Polish Heritage Society UK with donations made throughout 2017.


Gen Brygady Gorzechowski Grave Restoration

Gen Brygady Gorzechowski Grave Restoration

Gen Brygady Gorzechowski Grave Restoration