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Organisation of the Polish Heritage Society (PHS)


PHS_logo_subheadObjectives of PHS

The Polish Heritage Society of the United Kingdom was founded on 04 February 2011 with the following aims :

To act as an advocate for the continuing strong and historical relationship between the two nations of the United Kingdom and the Republic of Poland.

To ensure that those memorials, monuments, buildings and other marks of remembrance and presence of the Polish people in the United Kingdom are recorded and their donors remembered for posterity.

To promote greater community awareness amongst present and future generations of United Kingdom citizens of Polish origin of the historical links between the two countries and the presence of acts of gratitude and remembrance across the United Kingdom.

To work with other Polish groups, associations and societies in the common interest of the maintenance and protection of examples of Polish heritage in the United Kingdom acting as a constant reminder of why the Polish community is here.


PHS_logo_subheadStructure of PHS

The PHS is a not-for-profit society of volunteers drawn together to achieve the objects of the society.

Polish Heritage Society (UK) Limited was incorporated as a limited liability company on 04 February 2011 (Registered Number 07517923, England and Wales) and was registered as a charity by the Charity Commission (Registered Number 1143791) on 13 September 2011.

All positions are held on a voluntary and honorary basis.

PHS activities are entirely dependent on the goodwill of volunteers whose efforts are supported by public donations from companies and private individuals.