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Memorial Service for Major (Retd) Tony Hibbert, MBE MC (1917-2014)

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 A message from our President, General Lord Guthrie of Craigiebank

'I am delighted to be associated with the work of the Polish Heritage Society and very honoured to serve as its President. The Society's work highlights the enormous contribution which generations of Poles have made to their adopted country. Preserving and celebrating that heritage will only further strengthen the ties between Poland and the United Kingdom.

I worked closely with the Society on the project to build a memorial to the Polish Forces at the National Memorial Arboretum and saw at first hand the energy and dedication of those involved.

I encourage you to explore this website and learn about the many other projects the Society has sponsored. Do please contact us if you would like to be involved in any way'.

General The Lord Guthrie of Craigiebank GCB LVO OBE

A Debt of Dishonour is a unique documentary film dedicated Major General Sosabowski and all ranks who served in the 1st Polish Independent Parachute Brigade Group and to their Comrades-in-Arms of the 1st British Airborne Division that fought in the ill-fated “Operation Market Garden” at Arnhem and Driel during September 1944.

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The Polish Heritage Society

Memorial Service for Major Tony Hibbert MBE MC (1917-2014)


Royal-Garrison-Church-of-All -SaintsOn Saturday 28 February 2015 a memorial service in memory of Major (Retd) Tony Hibbert, MBE MC (1917-2014) was held at the The Royal Garrison Church of All Saints in Aldershot. Attended by more than 250 distinguished guests, including Mr Arno Baltussen Honorary Consul of the Republic of Poland in Driel and Arnhem, family members, veterans, representatives of  Polish Heritage Society UK  and several military re-enactors wearing the 1944 uniforms of  the 1st (Polish) Independent Parachute Brigade under the command of Maj. Gen. Sosabowski CBE.


Speech during memorial service for Tony Hibbert —Aldershot, 28 February 2015
by Arno Baltussen, Honorary Consul of the Republic of Poland in Driel and Arnhem

Dear Carolyn,  all other members of the Hibbert family, fellow veterans, friends and relatives

The memories and words of thanks to Tony, come from me  as Chairman of the Foundation Driel Poland and as Honorary Consul of the Republic of Poland in the Netherlands. In this last role I speak  on behalf of the Polish Embassy as well as all Tony’s Polish friends , in Poland,  the United Kingdom and the Netherlands.

It was in April 2006, that I had the honor of meeting Tony personally for the first time. Initially our contact was via email. What struck me was his energetic response and the way he dealt concretely with every major point and he was already nearly 89 years old.

Our initial contact followed his initiative to establish the "Major General Stanislaw Sosabowski Memorial Appeal". A monument in Driel to honor General Sosabowski and his brigade.

I met Tony for the first time after the ceremony during which the Dutch Queen Beatrix awarded the Military Order of William to the 1st Polish Independent Parachute Brigade and posthumously the Bronze Lion to General Sosabowski  on the 31st of May  2006 in The Hague.

I was amazed at the amount of energy he possessed and the enthusiasm with which he spoke about the  "Major General Stanislaw Sosabowski Memorial Appeal".

He described the size of the monument that he had in mind. The measurements made me, given the size of the Polenplein in the core of Driel, a little bit scared. I wondered how I could explain this to him without inhibiting his enthusiasm .

At a meeting on the 2nd of June 2006 with an architect on the square that I have just described, Tony outlined the plan.

The architect looked around and tried gently to convince Tony his idea was  not feasible. After some  consultation the idea for the monument that was unveiled on September 16 2006, by Hal Sosabowski, a great-grandson of General Sosabowski, was born.

The flexibility and the enthusiasm with which Tony discussed all this was admirable and inspiring.

This, however, was not the entire plan for the unveiling.

As you all probably know Sir Brian Urquhart, was the chairman of the committee that was established to enable the realization of the monument.

Tony told me about  his idea to invite Queen Beatrix for the unveiling. A surprising proposal, but something  you can quickly get excited about and then disappointed when it doesn’t work out.  Sir Brian Urquhart knew our Queen and suggested inviting her for a cup of tea in Driel and then she would  attend the commemoration and unveiling. Unfortunately, this proved to be a bridge too far. Her military adjutant would be the one to represent her at the commemoration and unveiling.

Tony's next suggestion was to hold a dinner on the Friday night "the Sosabowski dinner". Along with Hiltje van Eck, he worked on a list of invitees and set about making  preparations. Obviously completely perfect. But unfortunately there was not the budget to make his proposal, to make this annual gathering, possible.

It was then that Tony said to me  "it seems to me like I am working for a tourist office."

He completed the monument in 2007 with a bronze plaque with a text that very clearly shows the feelings and respect the  British veterans  have for the Polish Brigade and General Stanisław Sosabowski.

In 2012 for his dedication to the cause of ensuring the rehabilitation of General Sosabowski and his brigade by the British government,  the Polish Embassy in the United Kingdom offered a decoration. You all know that Tony would only accept something if he felt that his goal had been achieved. Tony  declined this honor stating that he could accept it only when  the rehabilitation of General Sosabowski and his brigade by the British government became a reality.

I sincerely hope that the Polish government will be able to make  this decoration posthumously.

In 2010 my wife and I visited Tony at his home at Trebah Garden. What a fantastic job he did there  after his retirement. He was rightly proud of this fantastic garden.

I am proud to have known Tony. I will never forget his energy, commitment, enthusiasm, inspiration, engagement and friendship.

In relation to the Sosabowski Memorial Appeal Tony wrote:

"The one great lasting legacy of the Battle of Arnhem is that it created a unique bond of love and respect between the peoples of three great nations—the Dutch, the Poles and the British—this bond has survived and grown ever stronger over more than 60 years.  Let us now ensure that it will continue to grow ever stronger."

I would like to continue to contribute to Tony’s wish. If we have just a portion of his energy and determination I’m sure it should be possible.

We will remember him!


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