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 A message from our President, General Lord Guthrie of Craigiebank

'I am delighted to be associated with the work of the Polish Heritage Society and very honoured to serve as its President. The Society's work highlights the enormous contribution which generations of Poles have made to their adopted country. Preserving and celebrating that heritage will only further strengthen the ties between Poland and the United Kingdom.

I worked closely with the Society on the project to build a memorial to the Polish Forces at the National Memorial Arboretum and saw at first hand the energy and dedication of those involved.

I encourage you to explore this website and learn about the many other projects the Society has sponsored. Do please contact us if you would like to be involved in any way'.

General The Lord Guthrie of Craigiebank GCB LVO OBE

A Debt of Dishonour is a unique documentary film dedicated Major General Sosabowski and all ranks who served in the 1st Polish Independent Parachute Brigade Group and to their Comrades-in-Arms of the 1st British Airborne Division that fought in the ill-fated “Operation Market Garden” at Arnhem and Driel during September 1944.

Sto Lat-Albert Hall


The Polish Heritage Society

The Institute of Polish Military History (IPMH)
Lecture Plan Autumn 2023 - Spring 2024

Download: IPMH Brochure Autumn 2023




The Polish Heritage Society

The Institute of Polish Military History (IPMH)
Lecture Plan Autumn 2022 - 01 October to 10 December 2022

Having now successfully completed 21 lectures, IPMH is pleased to announce The next series of 6 lectures in Autumn 2022 from 01 October to 10 December 2022.

For more information please click lecture titles in the lecture plan below:

Autumn 2022
01 Oct.
Professor Nowak
08 Oct.
The Military Dimension of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth 16th to 18th centuries
Professor Frost
15 Oct.
Professor Butterwick-Pawlikowski
29 Oct.
Professor Polonsky
26 Nov.
Professor Watson
10 Dec.
Dr. Paul Latawski
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IPMH Lectures Digital Library on YouTube

Access to the IPMH Digital Library is provided via the YouTube platform with access available only by a request to specifying which lecture is requested with the relevant date of the lecture.


   Lecture Title  Speaker Date
1 The Battle of Warsaw, 1920: 100 Years Ago Prof. Norman Davies 17/10/2020
2 An Introduction to Poland's Security Dilemmas Prof. Andrzej Nowak 31/10/2020
3 Poland Between The Wars Prof. Antony Polonsky 14/11/2020
4 Forming The New Polish Army,
The Influence of Józef Piłsudski
Dr. Paul Latawski 28/11/2020
5 The Outbreak of WWII and Poland Mr. Roger Moorhouse 12/12/2020
6 Poland's Greatest Contribution to WWII - Enigma Dr. Dermot Turing 30/01/2021
7 Poland's Armed Forces during WWII
and the complexities of an army in exile
Dr. Andrzej Suchcitz 13/02/2021
8 Polish Political Developments During WWII Mr. Jarek Garliński 27/02/2021
9 The Polish Underground State During WWII Mr. Jarek Garliński 13/03/2021
10 The Eagle Unbowed - Poland's Place in the World Dr. Halik Kochanski 27/03/2021
11 Mieszko to NATO: Military Alliances in Polish History Professor Norman Davies 09/10/2021
12 Poland's Security Dilemmas up to 1800 Professor Andrzej Nowak 16/10/2021
13 Generals Kościuszko and Pulaski General David Tadeusz Zabecki 30/10/2021
14 Poland's Security Dilemmas after 1800 Professor Bolek Biskupski 13/11/2021
15 Poland's Armies during the time of Napoleon Mr Adam Zamoyski 27/11/2021
16 The Personification of Pland's 19th Century Military Struggle: Józef Zachariasz Bem (General) Dr Paul Latawski 11/12/2021
17 Poland's Politics 1914-1939 Professor Antony Polonsky 29/01/2022
18 Poland's cipher security in WWII - 1: An overview Dr Dermot Turing 12/02/2022
19 Poland in WWII Mr Roger Moorhouse 19/03/2022
20 Poland's cipher security in WWII - 2: Polish Intelligence traffic Dr Franciszek Rozwadowski 16/04/2022
21 Poland: A Battlefield, 1812-1945 Dr. Halik Kochanski 30/04/2022



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Catch up with Polish Military History Lectures

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