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The Institute of Polish Military History (IPMH) Free Inaugural Lectures


The Institute of Polish Military History is pleased to announce that the first two inaugural lectures of its 2020-2021 programme will be free and will be available on the Zoom platform. Please see the lecture details and registration links below. We look forward to your participation in the first lectures in a programme of 10 lectures, twice a month, from October to March 2021.


PHS_logo_subheadFree Lecture: The Battle of Warsaw 1920: 100 Years by Professor Norman Davies


Professor Norman Davies talks on The Battle of Warsaw in 1920 where Poland saved Europe from the expansion of Soviet Russia into the West.  Professor Norman Davies is a world-famous published historian and expert on the subject. There will be a lecture series of 10 lectures twice a month from October to March 2021. The lecture is in English.

You can catch it on Zoom if you book through


PHS_logo_subheadFree Lecture: An Introduction to Poland's Security Dilemmas by Professor Andrzej Nowak


Professor Andrzej Nowak, Jagiellonian University, talks about the historical security dilemmas facing Poland due to its position in Europe. Professor Andrzej Nowak, a world-famous Polish historian, has authored over 40 books including Dzieje Polski (The History of Poland) which won the Polish Book of the Year Award and for which Professor Nowak received The Order of the White Eagle from the Polish Government. He has lectured at Cambridge, Harvard, Tokyo, Columbia Universities. The lecture is in English.

You can catch it on Zoom if you book through


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