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The Polish Heritage Society




The Polish Heritage Society in the United Kingdom, in short PHS (UK),  was  formed  to promote greater community awareness amongst present and future generations of United Kingdom citizens of Polish origin of the historical links between the two countries and the presence of acts of gratitude and remembrance across Great Britain.

Polish Heritage Society (UK) Limited was incorporated as a limited liability company on 04 February 2011 (Registered Number 07517923, England and Wales) and was registered as a charity by the Charity Commission (Registered Number 1143791) on 13 September 2011.

PHS_logo_subheadAdministration of PHS

The PHS is administered by the Honorary Secretary and the Honorary Treasurer.
The Honorary Secretary calls meetings, including the AGM, records the minutes, liaises with associations, groups and government departments and supports the Board of Directors in their various roles.

The Honorary Treasurer manages the society's finances, ensuring that full financial records are kept and that  the appropriate authorities are informed at regular intervals.

 A record is kept of particular contributions of volunteers and of all donors.

The society's main channel of communication is through its website.


PHS_logo_subheadPHS Directors and officers


Malgosia Alterman: Communications Director

Chris Januszewski: Committee Member

Hanka Januszewska: Director

Elizabeth Malhomme: Secretary

Christopher Marek Rencki, FRAI: Treasurer

Dr. Marek Stella-Sawicki, MBE: Chairman

Teresa Stella-Sawicka: Director


Malgosia AltermanMalgosia Alterman  Chris JanuszewskiChris Januszewski    Hanka JanuszewskaHanka Januszewska    

Elizabeth MalhommeElizabeth Malhomme     Christopher Marek RenckiChristopher Marek Rencki   Dr. Marek Stella-SawickiDr. Marek Stella-Sawicki     

Teresa Stella-SawickaTeresa Stella-Sawicka     


PHS_logo_subheadPHS Honorary Members


Karol JonscherKarol Jonscher
President, Central European Trust (CET)
    Lady Camilla PanufnikLady Camilla Panufnik
Author, Photographerand wife of Composer Sir Andrzej Panufnik
    Marzenna SchejbalMarzennna Schejbal
Veteran of Warsaw Uprising 1944
President, Kolo AK (Home Army) London

Klima SzymaniakKlima Szymaniak
Chairman, Anglo-Polish Society in UK
   Major Otton HulackiMajor Otton Hulacki
Veteran of Polish Allied Forces in WW2
Founder & Vice-President of Friends of ORP “Blyskawica”
The only ship of the Polish Navy awarded the Virtuti Militari
   Anita Meeson-KielanowskaAnita Meeson-Kielanowska
Vice-Chairman and Dame of Association of Polish Knights of Sovereign and Military Hospitaller Order of St. John of Jerusalem of Rhodes & Malta (APKM UK)
Wife of Dr. Andrew Meeson-Kielanowski

HE Robin Barnett CMGHE Robin Barnett CMG
British Ambassador to Poland
   Mrs Karolina KaczorowskaKarolina Kaczorowska
Wife of the last President in Exile in London Ryszard Kaczorowski who died tragically in Smolensk.
   Mr George CoelhoGeorge Coelho
A long term supporter of Polish Heritage Society UK.
Partner in Good Energies, previously Benchmark Capital
and Intel Capital (USA).

Lady Rose CholmondeleyLady Rose Cholmondeley
President and Co-Chairman of the Chopin Society
   Beata_KowalskaBeata Kowalska
Director, PHS North
   Ryszard KowalskiRyszard Kowalski
Director, PHS North

Jurek Scibor-KaminskiJurek Scibor-Kaminski
Former PHS Committee Member


And those who always wholeheartedly supported Polish Heritage Society UK  in our heritage projects but sadly departed:

PHS Supporters

1st column top to bottom:
Col Stanisław Berkieta, 3DSK, 2nd Corp, SPK
HE Stanisław Komorowski, Ambassador to UK*
Capt Henryk Strzelecki MBE, Monte Cassino, SPK
3rd column top to bottom:
Mrs Irena Anders
Prezydent Ryszard Kaczorowski, Polish Govmt in Exile*
Ltn Józef Królczyk, Monte Cassino, SPK
Col Wiesław Wolwowicz, Virtuti Militari, SPK
2nd column top to bottom:
Dr Andrzej Meeson-Kielanowski, SMOM, PHS UK
Feliks Keidrowski, Błyskawica, 2nd Corp
Dr Krzysztof Stoliński, PUMST
Juliusz Englert, PISM
4 column top to bottom:
Rev Bronek Gostomski, St Andrew Bobola Church*
Major Tony Hibbert MBE MC, 1st British Airborne
Jerzy Kulczycki, Publisher, Chairman of Ognisko
Włodek Lesiecki, Mazury
* Smoleńsk in Russia - Air Crash whilst on its way to Katyń Forest, 10th April 2010.